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Post by Lewisoboy007 on Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:54 am

Firstly, A Very Warm Welcome To The LBP Discussion Forum .If You Ever Require Any Assistance, Then Please Just Either Send Me A PM Or Email Me At Here Are The Rules...

Swearing / Bad Language Is Not Allowed On TAF And Anybody Caught Swearing And Avoiding The Word Censors Then Fine, You Will Be Banned!

Racist Behaviour Is Strictly Forbidden On This Forum And Will be Dealt With In The Sensiblist Manner That I Can Think Of. If It Gets Too Serious Then We Will Ban Your Computer From The Forum.

Multiple Accounts Are Not Allowed But If Your Brother Or Sister Is Wanting To Sign Up Then Please Just Send Me A Private Message Or Email At

Bumping Is Allowed Every 24 Hours For People With 10+ Posts Or Every 48 Hours For Members With -10 Posts.

Signitures And Avatars Are Allowed But There Are Some Rules, Please Keep The Signiture And Avatar Size Down Beacuse I Hate Seeing BIG Signitures. NO Rude Avatars Or Signitures, If This Occures Then You Could Loose Your Privliges.

Spamming Is Not Allowed So We Have Decided To Creat A 5 Word Post Rule, Anyone Caught Doing Under Three Words Will Be Banned For 1 Day And If You Keep Doing Under 3 Words Then You Will Be Banned For A Week, Then 2 Weeks And So On.

Messaging Is A Privlige On This Forum. The Messaging System Is For Chat Only, Not For Advertising Websites.

Rules Keep Changing So Please Keep On The Look Out For The Changes.

Thanks Alot,

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